WEB Workshop 2018


WEB Workshop 2018 is aimed to foster multidisciplinary research in wave engineering, leveraging expertise in areas such as acoustics, optics, aerodynamics and geophysics. Expected attendees are leading researchers from any scientific discipline with potential to contribute to this multidisciplinary topic.

The 3rd WEB edition will strive for a strong focus on wavefront engineering and metamaterials. Metamaterials are widely recognised as one of the most significant recent technical discoveries, and were listed as top-ten breakthroughs of the last decade by Science Magazine. Metamaterials are engineered structures designed to interact with waves (e.g. sound, radio, light, water, microwaves, seismic) in a desired fashion. They usually comprise an array of structures smaller than the wavelength of interest. These units cells can interact with, e.g. the electric and magnetic components of light in a way that natural atoms do not.

The program will facilitate discussions on various current hot topics such as meta-surfaces and meta-devices, topological effects in optics, light-matter interaction, quantum photonic systems, etc.

The workshop presentations include some keynotes, invited short presentations, very short presentations by young researchers, and a substantial number of longer discussion sessions. An important part of the meeting is also the opportunity to informal discussions in a nice atmosphere, with all participants at the same place and not many other people around. For an example of the programme, see the agenda of the previous WEB edition.

Stay tuned, more info coming soon!

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