Paul Wilcox on ultrasonic NDT

Paul Wilcox,  Professor of Dynamics, will briefly explain at WEB Workhop I how Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) ensures the safe operation of structures around us. Ultrasonic waves are an essential tool for NDT because they can propagate deep into solid objects. Consequently, ultrasonic NDT is about solving the inverse problem: what information about the interior of an object can be deduced from exterior measurements. Several examples will be presented, including multi-mode imaging, sub-wavelength defect characterisation and non-linear elasticity mapping. 



Bruce Drinkwater on dexterous ultrasonic manipulation devices

Bruce Drinkwater, Professor of Ultrasonics, will talk at WEB Workhop I about the challenge of designing ultrasonic manipulation devices that are truly dexterous. These devices can independently control the location and orientation of objects over a very wide range of length scales using acoustic radiation forces. Applications range form contact-less processing of pharmaceuticals to 3D tissue engineering. 




Michael Berry on the singularities of light

Sir Michael Berry, Emeritus Professor of Physics, will be describing at WEB Workhop I the unique and fundamental Bristol physics approach to waves, developed over many years and continuing now. This is based on the singularities that occur at different levels: caustics at the ray level, phase vortices at the scalar wave level, and lines of linear and circular polarization at the vector level. 

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