Martin Cryan on nanoantennas

Martin Cryan, Professor of Applied Electromagnetics and Photonics, will be describing at WEB Workhop I the recent work done at Bristol in the field of nanoantennas and how these are used to control and enhance the emission of light.

Nanoantennas: Controlling and Enhancing the Emission of Light

Radio frequency antennas have been used for more than a 100 years to control electromagnetic radiation with resonant enhancement of emission occurring in the well known half wavelength dipole antenna. Over the past 30 years these ideas have been scaled down to optical wavelengths and sub-micron scale, “nanoantennas” are now being used to control and enhance the emission and absorption of light in applications such as biosensing, nanolasers, LEDs and solar energy. This talk will introduce these ideas, explain the differences between RF and optical antennas and show some examples of recent work done in Bristol in this area.